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Hello, everyone

My name is Chris. I am a twenty-one year old junior attending the University of Alabama. I have lived in Alabama for most of my life and currently residing in Tuscaloosa-Northport area. Professionally, I work and travel extensively with my families’ construction company. As of right now we are primarily building residential homes but will eventually intent to branch out into commercial construction.

My personal aspiration is to start my own business while expanding my families’ company, therefore I decided to major in Business. However, because of the increasing significance of technologies’ role in the business arena I decided to also pursue a minor in Computing Technology and Application, in order to become an effective leader. Later on I might consider attaining a Business Intelligence or Information Systems certification, and perhaps even work towards a MBA.

Although I choice to major in business I have a very broad range of interest that include history, cultural studies, science, and art. I feel that it is best to have a wide knowledge base about as much as possible even if you only understand the basics of a subject. When I am not working, I enjoy reading books, poetry, and listening to music. I also enjoy traveling, this in mainly because I like being exposed to new experiences and meeting different people. With that being said feel free to reach out to contact me if you like.





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